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The Vizionary Mission is to bring digital currency to the mainstream. We provide an education program that will change the way that digital currency is viewed and adopted. More and more people are becoming familiar with digital currencies, yet today it is still considered as a fringe activity. In the end, the digital currencies that will be successful in everyday use are the ones that will be easy for the end user. For this reason, we are working with Capricoin to bring you a currency that is not only simple to acquire, but also easily exchanged for goods and services in everyday situations.

About Vizionary

As we go through our daily life, we are given many opportunities. These opportunities present themselves in different ways, some are easy to spot and others are hidden from an unexperienced eye. When the time comes, you will be asking yourself a few questions:

  • How do I know this is going to work?
  • How do I know that it will be worth it?
  • How serious am I about this?

In the end it takes experience to make the right choice. You need to analyse all the presented material and ensure that even the smallest detail about the business makes logical sense, and has potential to enter the respective market in the respective time period. Sooner or later we will all realise that there is nothing mysterious about using crypto currencies. Part of the Vizionary Mission is to educate our users about how to maximise their stake in the new economy. We believe that in the future, crypto currency and traditional Fiat currency will co-exist hand in hand. The changes are subtle, and they are happening all around us. Most of us already prefer to use credit cards and other electronic forms of money instead of cash. Along with selling the crypto currency mining packages, our primary focus is to provide crypto currency education program, both theoretical and practical. The bronze starter pack shown above is a step by step guide to becoming a user of crypto-currencies, information on the history, expert opinions and current view of the future of the business as online documents and videos. The other packages are about providing a crypto currency mining service. We will simplify the whole process so everyone can participate by a few clicks of a button. The greatest opportunities in our lives pass us by without us realizing their significance at the time. Vizionary is here to grasp the moment of the revolutionary shift of global economy to make an impact and change the lives. Together we will change the way people buy and sell products and services online and in the real world. Bitcoin has been around for a few years and many of you are aware that it is gaining popularity. The very nature of the inherent design of Bitcoin is to enable transactions that are untraceable by governments and banks. While this remains a fringe activity, it will be tolerated. Very soon governments and tax authorities will want a cut of the action. In the long run the only systems of payments that will survive are those that will enable legal business transactions. This is where we come in. Our aim is to ensure that we work with coins that are used for legitimate purposes. We want to build a community of users with a common purpose of supporting, developing, growing, or creating a long term stable payment solution. We aim to create a community of hard working merchants who are not constantly worried about chargebacks or having their accounts frozen by the banks at whim. Vizionary is designed to be simple and stable. Our key business strengths are built on a strong and experienced Operations Team and a professional network of Associates.


Capricoin is a second-generation crypto currency designed to handle commercial volume business transactions, instantly. It seamlessly attaches your wallet to your smart phone, and enables you to make purchases from on-line and off-line merchants as easily as taking a picture with your phone. Vizionary combines the benefits of Capricoin as a method of business exchange. This, combined with our unique cash-back marketing system, will encourage Capricoin users and merchants to fully embrace the Vizionary Mission. By becoming a Vizionary member, you have the option to build your income by gathering Capricoin merchants, gathering Capricoin wallet users, building a network of Vizionary members, or simply by mining your own coins. Vizionary is a true paradigm shift.

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Capricoin is one of the fastest growing Crypto Currencies

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You are part of something big

For the first time I feel I belong to something big. When you join as a member you get a part of capricoin.

The priority #1 is to profit

When people are in profit they never abandon the business. I know I am here for the long run.

It pays for itself

The product itself is crypto currenty, is money. You control your asset so it is an insurance!

I was skeptical

Is a wide open world and no one else is doing it. There is no better opporutnity in the world right now.

I owe this team so much

You become a member and start earning commissions and at the same time learn a lot about crypto currencies.

I'm in for the 2nd Go!

I have done very well with bitcoins and I’m happy to be in with the 2nd generation of crypto currencies.

A grateful grandma

You are protected against any collapse. You can exchange your capricoins by any other fiat currency in anywhere in the world.

At your own pace

You don’t need any contraction obligations, any mandatory autoships, you move forward as you see fit.

I knew there was a better way

I always try to find ways to make money online and finally I found something that I truly love and have a passion for.

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Capricoin Core Features

One of the features that will be embraced by the users is that Capricoin Wallet operates without any fees on transactions, regardless of the amount. Capricoin has the features and the ability to be a digital currency that can be usable by everyone.


Capricoin will make digital currency accessible and easy to use


It is designed to handle commercial volumes of transactions


With Capricoin wallet, transactions will be approved instantly


It is more than just another coin. It’s a multi channel payment system with innovative marketing solutions


Capricoin will take security measures to prevent illegal use


It is designed to be fast adopted by merchants, giving the users a rapidly growing choice of businesses

The system is designed to work hand in hand with Fiat currency, not to replace it. Unlike most other coins, Capricoin uses an innovative and rewarding network marketing plan through a partnership with Vizionary to spread the word. This marketing plan is so powerful that it can achieve the numbers of user the coins needs to be regarded as successful in a much shorter perspective than any other coin for example Bitcoin.

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